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Forty-two, single- family residential homesites, 75' x 115' sites, high and dry, well-drained, lots of trees, perfect spot for affordable homes.



Seven single family homesites, fully developed, ready to build. Located on the borderline of Orange City and Deltona, excellent location for affordable homes.



35 Single Family Home Sites. These are single-family large, high and dry, well-drained. These are approved for septic tank systems, with city water available.



Rural country, in a predominate agricultural farm area, each mini-farm is heavily covered with a variety of different types of citrus.


By The World Of Real Estate

World of Real Estate Multi-Family


Multi-family... This category deals primarily with two-story townhome units, and duplex with 2 units per building.
The size of the units range from approximately 1250 square feet of living area to 1450 sq. ft. of living area. Some are with single garages and some with double garages. All are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
The real estate sites vary in size from 2 acres to 20 acres, with a multifamily zoning that permits 6 to 8 units per acre, with a total height limit of 35 foot. All sites are serviced by city utilities and services. We have multiple locations throughout the county. 

World of Real Estate village homes

Village Homes

Village Homes... This category deals primarily with individuality and a large amount of common space in a community-oriented setting. They will display a well-defined personal space and are nested homes, to ensure privacy. There is paths leading to commons. It is a fee-simple ownership.
Facing the housing growth pressure in America, village housing development provides affordability and character, and to discourage the spread of placeless sprawl. It allows for up to double the density of detached homes in all single-family zones. All units face a desirable landscaped commons and have parking screened from the street. 

Affordable Homes For Sale

Affordable Homes

Affordable Homes... Buy one of our homes for less than you pay for rent. These homes might be considered by some to be small, but as the developer and builder, we say we have large livable functions that not only make for comfortable living but makes for efficiency and energy savings, with 3-bedrooms and 2-full baths, vault ceilings, and many other features. These homes are designed and built by Randy W. Stallard of Atlas Homes LLC, in Deland Florida. They entail large covered front porch, insulated low-energy windows, low maintenance exterior siding, R-13 insulation on exterior walls, and many other features. Prices start at $118,880.00.

World of Real Estate Industrial Sites


Industrial Site... The World of Real Estate specializes in commercial real estate, from small parcels to large shopping center sites, throughout the entire Volusia County.
Most sites are served by city utilities and services. We only deal with sites that are prime locations, properly zoned, and non-problematic for building. In most cases our sites are entitled to a large degree and have alot of site location data for any buyer to make an informed decision.

Commercial Sites Available

Commercial Sites

In the World of Real Estate, most likely the principle of location is the most important! Our commercial sites throughout the county of Volusia are very well located. Next would be site conditions, exspouser access, flood zones, land use, and utilities are very key.
The World of Real Estate puts alot of work into making sure that site conditions are met for permitting and building conditions. The parcel sizes range from one acre to 20 acres. In highly developed area, we have prime sites.

Grand Crossing - Sunrail

Grand Crossing

Grand Crossings (originally called West Deland Village)... The Central Florida high-speed SunRail Transportation System will at some point service the area. We have planned a 100 acre community including a business commercial area, also a multi-family town-home, duplex homes, a very unique village home concept based on homes fronting around a large common area, and also including a single-family detached home subdivision.
We are in the center of the proposed SunRail Activity Center which envisions compact development that contains a mix of housing, employment, and retail uses in a high quality walking environment. This activity center will take advantage of transit oriented design concepts to reduce automobile dependency by focusing moderate to higher-density growth. The core area will include a mix of residential, multi-family, and shopping opportunities.

medical building sites

Deland Medical Center

Deland Medical Center... The medical services overlay district was created to encourage growth of existing medical land uses adjacent to the overlay. The districts governing criteria were crafted to support the concentration of transitional medical, medical sciences/research facilities, and compact neighborhood friendly residential pocket neighborhoods in an urban, multimodal/ friendly, walkable and fitness-oriented campus.
Extensive research was conducted nationally and internationally to develop the unique state-of-the-art criteria governing development within the overlay.
Primary medical uses including hospitals, outpatient clinics, continuing/long-term care services, hospice services, laboratories, medical research facilities, urgent or emergency medical services, doctor offices, physical therapists, dentists, and other healthcare providers.


World of Real Estate - Consulting

Real Estate Consulting

Real Estate Consulting... The real estate profession is no different than any other profession, there's always the people that have little knowledge, the people that have enough knowledge to be dangerous, and then the ones who have a lifetime of knowledge, wisdom, and experience. The obvious question is what type of person would you like to deal with? Real estate with all of its diverse and complex parts requires alot of consultation.
If the full background of over 55 years of real estate experience line-by-line would require a large volume of words, John Wine's experience in consulting will not fit into the space given for this summary. Whether you are selling, buying, developing, and/or building, don't miss out on his knowledge and experience.

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